An empty tank does NOT mean a safe tank; One text or call could wreck it all; Winter Driving Tips; Leadership The Missing Link; Ladder Safety;
Tips for controlling workers’ compensation costs

Drowsy Driving Doubles Risk – See the link between sleep and safe driving; New NIOSH App; U.S. Traffic Fatalities on the Rise; Take the Keys; Hiring 101

Distracted Driving – Are you giving the road your attention?; The ABCs of SPCC – Understanding your facilities plan; Understanding Experience Modifier Rates (EMR); Safety Tip:  Preventing injuries tied to air bags; Forklifts – Training required

The importance of routine brake maintenance; Safety awareness & training; Four simple driving tips; Back to school caution reminder; New DOT Entry Level Driver Training (ELDT) rule to take effect; Respirable Crystalline Silica – OSHA’s final rule

Cold Weather Driving; Slips & Falls; MVR Monitoring; Protect workers against hypothermia, frostbite; Report That Claim

Driver Fatigue & Drowsy Driving; Small Busineses Are Important Too!; Flammable and Combustible Materials; Confined Spaces; Minimize Large Losses Comply with the Regulations; Stay Alert to Prevent Falls

Keeping Contractors Safe; Work Zone Safety; Distracted Driving by the Numbers; Falls from Heavy Equipment; Eye Safety Checklist

Back-To-School Caution Reminder; The Problem is in the hiring; Back to basics: Fire Extinguisher Safety; Report That Claim; Employees driving their own personal vehicles for business usage; Educate your supervisors

Controlling Driver Risk & Exposures; Marijuana in the workplace; Prevention of slips, trips and falls; Good housekeeping prevents injuries; Driver risk management

Emergency Action/ Evacuation Plan 29 CFR 1910.38; Don’t Dig & Haul (Contamination or Pollution Coverage); Texting – Not the only distraction; Driver conduct at the scene of an accident; Following too close; Tornado Safety Tips

July – the Deadliest Month, Road Test Makes Sense, Who is Driving Your Vehicle?, Accidents Do Not “Just Happen”, Lifting Safety, Avoid Heat Related Problems

Back to School Caution Reminder; Maintaining 3-Point Contact; The Importance of Prompt Claim Reporting; 15 Warning Signs of Workers’ Compensation Fraud; Safe Hiring