Safety Materials

Safety Materials

Agents and customers who wish to obtain additional safety materials can select the pamphlet or pamphlets from this list and request them from NAICO's Loss Control Department.  Contact Cindy Steele for additional information 800-822-7802, ext. 4549
ROUTE 66 BEACON, VOLUME 23/1 - April 2016
Unenforced Driver Safety Policies Leave Employees Exposed; FMCSA New Medical Exam Forms; Avoiding Complacency on the Job;
The power of the word “carelessness”; Past Behavior is a Predictor of Future Behavior
ROUTE 66 BEACON, VOLUME 23/2 - July 2016
Stay Safe in Highway Work Zones; Why Safety Programs Fail; Driving Distractions - Fighting Technology with Technology;
Safety for Summer Help; Oklahoma Supreme Court Holds WC PPD Deferral Unconstitutional; Avoid Heat Related Problems

ROUTE 66 BEACON, VOLUME 23/3 - October 2016
New OSHA Anti-Retaliation Rule to take effect; Supervisor’s Responsibility for Safety; Certified Workplace Medical Plans (CWMP);
Accident Investigation - Finding the cause; OSHA’s final rule to “nudge” employers to prevent workplace injuries

ROUTE 66 BEACON, VOLUME 24/1 - January 2017
An empty tank does NOT mean a safe tank; One text or call could wreck it all; Winter Driving Tips; Leadership The Missing Link; Ladder Safety;
Tips for controlling workers’ compensation costs

ROUTE 66 BEACON, VOLUME 24/2 - April 2017
Drowsy Driving Doubles Risk - See the link between sleep and safe driving; New NIOSH App; U.S. Traffic Fatalities on the Rise; Take the Keys; Hiring 101

ROUTE 66 BEACON, VOLUME 24/3 - July 2017
Distracted Driving - Are you giving the road your attention?; The ABCs of SPCC - Understanding your facilities plan; Understanding Experience Modifier Rates (EMR); Safety Tip:  Preventing injuries tied to air bags; Forklifts - Training required

ROUTE 66 BEACON, VOLUME 24/4 - October 2017
The importance of routine brake maintenance; Safety awareness & training; Four simple driving tips; Back to school caution reminder; New DOT Entry Level Driver Training (ELDT) rule to take effect; Respirable Crystalline Silica - OSHA's final rule

ROUTE 66 BEACON, VOLUME 25/1 - January 2018
Cold Weather Driving; Slips & Falls; MVR Monitoring; Protect workers against hypothermia, frostbite; Report That Claim

ROUTE 66 BEACON, VOLUME 25/2 - April 2018
Driver Fatigue & Drowsy Driving; Small Busineses Are Important Too!; Flammable and Combustible Materials; Confined Spaces; Minimize Large Losses Comply with the Regulations; Stay Alert to Prevent Falls

ROUTE 66 BEACON, VOLUME 25/3 - July 2018
Keeping Contractors Safe; Work Zone Safety; Distracted Driving by the Numbers; Falls from Heavy Equipment; Eye Safety Checklist